Why Do I Need to Pass a Comprehensive Eye Examination?

The human eye can be described as the most advanced optical device, which consists of several parts. Here, we compare some parts to a camera:

  • Cornea (performing the role of the collecting lens)
  • Sclera (providing a protective role)
  • Lens (another lens that can change its shape and almost instantaneously focus)
  • Pupil (playing the role of the diaphragm)
  • Conjunctiva (the mucous membrane, responsible for supplying blood)
  • Retina is the main part of the eye, a kind of spherical screen on which images are projected and then passed along the optic nerve to the brain.

Any components of this complex optical device may be subjected to damage. When this happens, it is an eye disease.

For example, inflammation of the cornea (keratitis) occurs not only due to infection (viral or bacterial) or injury, but even as a result of unskillful handling of contact lenses. In this case the problem is not limited to red eyes, lacrimation, or photophobia. Keratitis may significantly deteriorate your vision.

One of the most threatening eye diseases is cataracts, which is the loss of transparency of the lens. This disease is the number one of cause of blindness in the world. Conjunctiva

(conjunctivitis) is a disease that occurs in the majority of people. The most common symptoms are pain and redness, as well as the feeling of "sand in the eyes". Conjunctivitis causes discomforts and lead to deterioration in quality of life if it is long term.

The most important part of the eye is the retina, which may be affected by many diseases. This is includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, diseases associated with metabolic disorders, age-related complications and serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis.

In recent years, eye diseases have been occurring more frequently due to higher strain on the eyes because of computers and televisions. A special risk group was studied - programmers, journalists, editors, cameramen, and students - all who sit for long periods in front of a computer monitor. The real problem in our time is the syndrome of "dry eye", which arises not only because of the work on the computer, but also because of dry indoor air. This violation is manifested by acute pain in the eyes and a feeling of "sand in the eyes".

Diseases of the eye isn’t simply an inconvenience in our lives, but also tricky because some diseases occur with little to no symptoms. As a result, they are treated too late. However, timely treatment of eye disease can cure or at least slow the progression and preserve vision.

It is so important to catch a problem early on so that you can treat it and heal in the shortest possible time. A comprehensive survey at Dello Russo Laser Vision is performed at the advanced level, and identifies the initial disturbances in vision, and establishes a diagnosis immediately. Come to our center today!

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