Never hesitate to discuss the cost of Lasik.

Lasik eye surgery is a procedure that is safe, predictable, and affective. Dr. Dello Russo has performed laser eye surgery for many years. He listens with a great attention to the expectations of each patient and always counseled them about the advantages and disadvantages of having the Lasik procedure. He knows that it is very important to have realistic goals for their Lasik outcomes. Dr. Dello Russo and his staff provides each patient a thorough examination and Lasik consultation in order to make certain that you are a perfect candidate for Lasik surgery.

Unfortunately advertising about low prices of Lasik procedures influence some patients to look for a discount center. They do not know about the risk of visiting such centers. Very often these centers offer discount Lasik procedures, but they fail to fully disclose the actual cost of surgery. They do not mention requirements in order to receive laser surgery and the costs do not include consultations, eye exams, follow-up exams, and enhancements. They can most likely provide you with additional services, but they will charge you extra. In the end, if you account for all the necessary fees for consultations, procedures, and follow-ups, you pay the same price of a visit to a professional surgeon.

The most important thing is to find not only a suitable correction procedure for your vision but also a surgeon you will feel comfortable with. Patients assure that Dr. Dello Russo is a trustworthy surgeon. He will help you choose a laser eye procedure that is the best to perfectly correct your eyesight. His assistant will discuss the cost and offer a payment schedule that is most appropriate for you.

Lasik procedure is an affordable option because Dello Russo Laser Vision offers different reasonable payment plans that allow almost all patients to improve their vision by Lasik surgery. Please feel free to discuss the fees of Lasik with Dr. Dello Russo and the different procedures that are available to you.

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