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Dr. Dello Russo and his team are pioneers in this field of LASIK technologies, developing and using the most current equipment & techniques available. The first step towards clear vision is contacting our centers or enrolling in one of our seminars. Dr. Joe Dello Russo wants to educate you on your surgical options even if you choose not to undergo LASIK or cataract surgery.

Dr. Joe Dello Russo and his sons , Dr. Jeff Dello Russo and Dr. James Dello Russo have a long family history of quality in LASIK and laser vision correction, which is why our Manhattan and Brooklyn clients trust our practice. All Lasik eye correction surgery is completed in our ultra-modern, 38,000 square foot laser vision correction office in New York by our skilled eye care team of Lasik specialist, and we are excited to be the first ambulatory lasik laser eye correction surgical center approved by Medicare in the northeastern United States . Lasik team is headed up by noted Lasik surgeon and founder, Joseph Dello Russo, M.D., and his son, Lasik eye correction surgeon Jeff Dello Russo, M.D., who will complete your Lasik procedure with the utmost care.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo is among a half dozen or so private physicians around the country offering the procedure to National Guard and Reserve troops at no charge. Dello Russo said he's probably done about 50 so far. Dr. Dello Russo said the Pentagon approached representatives of his industry two years ago about possibly signing contracts to perform the procedure on soldiers, but plans never got off the ground. "I just figured, 'Why not do it anyway,'" Dello Russo said.

Dr. Dello Russo's Lasik Vision has been a countrywide leader in the field of lasik eye correction, helping to pioneer most of the leading Custom LASIK technologies in use today.

Dello Russo, who had LASIK performed on his own eyes in 1999, draws patients from across the country and said the radio ads have helped. During the FDA's clinical trials of the procedure, Dr. Joe Dello Russo was an investigator, one of the doctors who observed the effects on patients for a set period of time. During the LASIK trial, the procedure was performed on 1,013 eyes, and patients were followed for six months afterward.

The professional team is headed up by surgeon and founder, Joseph Dello Russo, M.D., and his son, surgeon Jeff Dello Russo, M.D., who carries on his father's tradition of excellence in patient care and visual outcomes. The multi-disciplinary practice is rounded out by a cataract surgeon, a glaucoma specialist, a medical retina specialist, staff optometrists, operating room RNs, and board certified anesthesiologists to offer our patients the most complete care possible.

Patient is getting his LASIK surgery done in a room with very good climate control. Manhattan LASIK surgeon Dr. Joseph Dello Russo says, “We’ve learned that if you keep it at 40-50% relative humidity, and 68 to 73 degrees temperature, the atmosphere doesn’t affect the result.”

LASIK eye surgery is the state-of-the-art procedure in this field, preferred over PRK. However until the innovation of "Down-Up" LASIK, there had been one glaring shortcoming of routine LASIK. The instrument used to lift the layer was based on old instrumentation and could add risk to the procedure. All that has changed with the introduction of Down-Up LASIK™ eye surgery in New Jersey and New York by Dr. Joseph Dello Russo.

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