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Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, cooperate with the additional members of the lasik team at Dr. Dello Russo's Lasik Vision. Dr. Joseph Dello Russo and his team offers important eye care to laser lasik needs in the Brooklyn and Manhattan offices. If you are interested in finding a qualified LASIK eye doctor in Manhattan , Brooklyn, or New Jersey , contact Dr. Joseph Dello Russo at Dello Russo Laser Vision for laser lasik. Joseph Dello Russo, M.D.,has been monumental in the New York lasik technology for laser eye correction. He is one of the prominent lasik physicians who provides these procedures, Custom LASIK, today. The president of VISX, Inc., Mr. Mark Logan, referred to Dr. Joseph Dello Russo as “one of the pioneers of the excimer laser.” Dr. Joseph Dello Russo was also named “one of the top most experienced laser surgeons in the nation.”

After the second day of using the laser, we stopped using the blade and sold our microkeratomes” and went to “100 percent IntraLase,” said Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, MD. “I decided, ‘Why would I expose anybody to flap complications from a blade if I don’t have to?’” Dr. Dello Russo is at 4,000 “IntraLASIK” flaps and counting. Dr. Joe Dello Russo bought or leased three femtosecond lasers for his offices in the New York City area. And even though he pays a higher per-use fee on the IntraLase—$200—than on the excimer laser, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo isn’t complaining. One reason: Being able to offer all-laser LASIK makes it possible to charge $2,500 per eye in a market where the average is $1,500, he said. Patients have accepted the higher cost “because they realize they’re getting something special,” he said. However, while Dr. Dello Russo swears by the femtosecond laser, most ophthalmologists are taking a “wait and see” position.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo of the New Jersey Eye Institute in Bergenfield charges $2,800 per eye. ''I know what I'm worth,'' he said. ''You're not going to get an experienced surgeon for $1,000 an eye.''

Dr. Dello Russo's Lasik Vision has been a countrywide leader in the field of lasik eye correction, helping to pioneer most of the leading Custom LASIK technologies in use today.

According to Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, the average hospital stay for cataract removal is two to five days at a average cost of $1,100 to $1,500. This does not include the fees paid to doctors. At the Bergenfield facility, the patient, after undergoing a through eye examination and obtaining medical clearance, can have the operation completed within a few hours, going home the same day. The total cost, including all doctor fees, is less than half of what it would be in a hospital, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo asserted. The Eye Center is situated in a renovated Bell Telephone office building at 21 Main Street. The medical staff includes an anesthesiologist and two nurses. The Bergenfield center is an example of a trend in recent years to have noncritical surgery performed in outpatient facilities. And according to Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, the high cost of hospital care is not the only factor in the increased demand for outpatient services.

Our professional team is headed up by surgeon and founder,Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, M.D., and his son, surgeon Jeff Dello Russo, M.D., who carries on his father's tradition of excellence in patient care and visual outcomes. The multi-disciplinary practice is rounded out by a cataract surgeon, a glaucoma specialist, a medical retina specialist, staff optometrists, operating room RNs, and board certified anesthesiologists to offer our patients the most complete care possible.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo has 3 lasik eye correction practices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bergenfield, New Jersey. We work with Medicare, as well as most major insurance programs and eye care plans. To find out further details or to set up a consultation for lasik laser eye correction, please contact a Laser eye surgeon at our New York or New Jersey practices today.

John is getting his LASIK surgery done in a room with very good climate control. Manhattan LASIK surgeon Dr. Joseph Dello Russo says, “We’ve learned that if you keep it at 40-50% relative humidity, and 68 to 73 degrees temperature, the atmosphere doesn’t affect the result.” But new research shows if the climate is off, the LASIK surgery might not have the best result. It’s the first study to show that environmental factors like humidity and temperature can affect LASIK surgery results and result in a patient needing to come back for a touch-up procedure.

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